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Warcraft Tribute: Celestian by ToxicCreed Warcraft Tribute: Celestian by ToxicCreed
Figured I'd do up a couple of these for some of my Roleplaying characters that I've been working with. The first up is one of my more... frequently used characters Celestian the Blood Elf hunter. While I DO have him created in my game he's not someone that I play frequently so I tend to have a bit of lee-way with him. Anyway here he is and here's a bit of history about him.

Celestian is known for his constantly changing appearance, this is due to his past life as a former rogue.

NOTE! All of this is Roleplaying and Not-Canon towards the Lore of Warcraft. While myself and my partner try to keep it as real as possible we royally fucked with the Timeline...

Celestian was born on Draenor some years before the World of Warcraft timeline. He was born a High Elf and was one that never came into contact with the Mana Addiction that commonly plague the Blood Elves, while he had a craving for the Arcane he didn't let it rule his life like so many others. Celestian started his life and youth as a Rogue, who stole from anyone... even his own for the greatest benefit to himself. He stole items that he would sell to the Demons and their Caretakers in the Shadowmoon Valley for a hefty sum, after all the Imps seemed to love the shiny trinkets that he stole from the other Elves that called him an ally so why not profit from it? Taking things too far one day, Celestian stole a large number of Artifacts (Archeology trinkets that his fellow Rogues stole) and was ambushed by Assassin's that his former lover Jethan sent to assassinate him. Barely escaping with his life Celestian suffered poisoning and was forced to flee on foot from the Netherstorm... his wanderings lead him to the lush lands of Nagrand where he would collapse and unbeknownst to him he would chase off a herd of talbuk that the young Garrosh Hellscream was hunting the buck Bach'lor. Rocky starts as they were, Celestian would hunt down and kill Bach'lor for Garrosh (after being told why he had been hunting the Talbuk in the first place) and would find himself injured further with a broken arm. With help from Garrosh and Greatmother Geyah Celestian would find himself healed... and the two would grow to know each other and grow a deep friendship.

Pets that Celestian owns are displayed here along with his mount of choice the Iron Skyreaver, while one of the pets shown is no longer with Celestian as of this time here is some information about them,
:iconlongtalonplz::iconlongtalon1plz: - In the beginning when Celestian first set foot on Kalimdor he would travel to the Echo Isles where he would find the young red raptor Longtalon. Seeking to tame his very first pet the elf would form a deep bond with him and the two were inseparable for the longest of times. It wasn't until Celestian sided with Garrosh Hellscream and helped the Warchief with the siege on the Echo Isles to capture the Trolls and prevent any further rebellion from the Darkspears. When Longtalon saw that Celestian was in command of the attack, as well as attacking his (Former) friends Jerzaj and Sahyrd the raptor would run away from the Blood Elf. Staying on the Isles would soon warp and twist the young raptor through the corruption of the naga's that were advancing and he would soon grow his new... more spiked and 'outland' oriented look. Longtalon is currently not with Celestian and is staying on the Echo Isles with Jerzaj and Sahyrd.
:iconmaethpetplz: - During his trip to Northrend where he would further aid Garrosh and help with the upcoming war on the Lich King Celestian would find peace in the lush valleys of Sholazar Basin. It was there that he found the ever elusive spiritual snow leopard that wandered the great Basin, he would turn to the ways of beast mastery just to tame the beast. And once tamed, there was a great bond between the two... almost as though they were 'fated' to become partners. Naming the feline Maeth Celestian would use the mate of the Loa Harkoa as his partner through his campaigns in Northrend, even when it came to the battle of the Wrath Gate. However, after the destructive betray of Putress happened and the utter hatred that he gained from Garrosh (Who blamed him for the Death of Dranosh) Celestian would find only comfort in the spiritual feline companion that stayed by his side. Because of this, Celestian refuses to go down any other path other than Beast Mastery... because he refuses to be parted with Maeth.
:iconrallinthplz: - Rallinth was the newest edition to Celestian's pets and companions, with the Siege on Orgrimmar growing closer and with his reuniting with Garrosh after so long Celestian would devote himself to the Warchief's plight and would see out a powerful companion that could help with the rebellion that was there to dethrone his friend. Here he would travel to the Depths of Blackrock, the former home of Nefarian (Son of Deathwing) and he would find the Drakeadon known as Chrommagus... it would take effort and skill but... in the end Celestian prevailed and had the massive beast on his side. He would, as with his other pets, create a devoted bone with the twin headed reptilian canine and return to Orgimmar in time for the Siege...

Other pets that Celestian had include:
:iconshizmiplz: - A vampiric bat that he tamed while over in the Eastern Plaguelands. Shizmi is no longer with Celestian due to an encounter where Garrosh became corrupted by the Old God Y'shaarj and the Sha. When Shizmi came to protect his master Garrosh would skewer the bat on the mighty Gorehowl and end his life.
:iconzaeojiplz: - A direhorn of remarkable talent. Zaeoji is still with Celestian to this day but the Direhorn is seeing the backburner for his own protection while Celestian tends to matters pertaining Garrosh's Trials.
:icongrimrasplz: - Grimras has 'yet to be tamed', this black three headed hydra will be an ever present companion in Celestian's trip to the past Draenor.

Models are Blizzard Entertainment
Characters are my own
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Keep up the great work! 
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